It’s common to sometimes question if what you are doing is right. Once in a while, I may come to that place where you start to wonder, am I wrong? Especially when it relates to the decision to start & run a company creating all natural skincare products. You may be wondering why someone would question such a business but for one, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s tough! Over the last week or so, questioning whether I'm doing the right thing did crossed my mind. It wasn't something I dwelled on long but the fact that it crossed my mind posed a problem. I believe that life has a funny way of providing you with the answers to your questions and uncertainty and for this instance, life surely did not disappoint. I came across two articles, one containing research linking questionable common chemicals that are used to treat our food to billions in health care cost, posted here on the National Geographic page. The second video, posted here on ABC News, is of a woman who experienced a severe allergic reaction to a common ingredient found in "natural" and conventional personal care products. Yes, you can argue that these types of articles have been circulating around for years and no this is not the first time that I’ve heard of this but for some reason these two article stood out to me. These chemicals should be avoided, especially in our food and skincare products. We're slowly killing ourselves and the planet and this has to stop. This was the very reason why I started Choiselle. To provide an alternative to what was commercially being created. To provide products that did not include such harmful ingredients. Women are the caretakers of society and are the larges consumers of these products and are feeding and using them on their children. Our foremothers had the right idea of using herbs, roots and bark in conjunction to the ebb and flow of our planet to soothe our skin and heal our body. In retrospect, I realize the purpose of stumbling onto these two articles were to  remind me of why I started. Why it is important to continue creating such products and why is still so needed.





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