Five Reasons Why Coconut Wax Candles Are Better Than Soy!

When I first embarked on my mission to create a line of candles for Choiselle, I knew that it needed to be made with the best possible ingredients. My attention was first directed towards soy wax as it was considered to be the best compared to paraffin and beeswax.  Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale and is not sustainable or environmentally friendly. Beeswax doesn't carry scent well and isn't sustainable. Soy wax was a great alternative that burned cleaner and was considered sustainable...until now. I recently stumbled upon coconut wax and I love it. Coconut wax is made by using the hydrogenation process where coconut oil is transformed into wax. It's easier to work with (great for me) and it also has wonderful benefits for you, the consumer, as well. Here's five reasons why coconut wax candles are much better than soy candles.

  • Vegan   
  • Burns cleaner and slower than soy which means you will have a longer lasting candle
  • Made from a sustainable, easily renewable crop (Soy is usually derived from GMO soy
  • Throws scent better than soy
  • Works well with a variety of essential oils (we never work with sythetic fragrance oils)




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