As the temperature starts to dip and we find ourselves facing the fall and winter season with less natural sunlight, (yes, having natural sunlight is kind of a thing for me) I find myself using candles as a way to compensate for the increasingly grey overcast skies and to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in my home through scent. Candles have been around for centuries and mainly used as a source of light across many civilizations. As candle making techniques evolved and different technologies were implemented, a variety of different candles and uses have become available today. One of the more recent innovations that I absolutely love is the crackling wick candles. Have you tried one yet? Well if you haven't experience one before let me explain how this small little treat is sometimes all a girl needs to make her world right again. Cracking wick candles have a wooden wick instead of a cotton one.  It's purpose is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also gives off a soft crackling noise when lit, very similar to a fireplace. So, if you're still working towards being able to afford a palatial mansion on the hill with an out of this world fireplace in every room, you can instead purchase, for a fraction of the cost, a crackling wick candle (hopefully made with essential oils and not fragrance oil) for a similar, in the meantime, experience. :-) On a serious note, crackling wick candles are kinda awesome! It takes things up a notch from your regular ole candle. It's a small little self-care treat to myself.

Below I've listed my top 3 ways I incorporate a crackling wick candle in my self care routine.

  • For an at-home spa experience, apply your favorite all natural face mask, run a warm bath and as you soak, light a crackling wick candle. The warm bath and the crackling noise will completely transport you to a cozy spa.
  • I love to light a lavender scented crackling candle after a looooong day! The crackling noise and the lavender essential oils is so soothing and can instantly take the edge off my day. 
  • Whenever I need an energy boost in the morning when I'm especially sleepy a citrus infused candle like lemongrass always does the trick as a pick me up. I really do believe these citrus essential oils have the capacity to uplift and energize your spirit, especially during that mid-afternoon slump that I tend to experience from time to time. I don't do the coffee or the tea thing so this is a great natural alternative to relying on caffeine laced drinks. Side note: Diffusing citrus essential oils into the air are also a great way to extinguish any lingering scent of last night's dinner that might still be permeating your space. (ie... that tasty but smelly salmon dish)

    What are some of the ways you incorporate candles into your self care routine?







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