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Beauty Benefits of Ginger

My dear aunt called me this weekend suggesting I incorporate ginger in my line of products. She was having some pain in her leg, possibly from inflammation, and at a suggestion from a friend decided to infuse ginger into oil and rub the oil on her leg.  A week later, the pain is gone and she swears by it and I believe her. I have briefly considered the use of ginger in the past but since her phone call, I've decided to revisit this root and it's beauty benefits. Here are a few good beauty uses for ginger to try. Hypopigmentation Hypopigmentation...

Face Moisturizer

Nydia Norville

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Today I'm infusing the oil with herbs that are known to protect, heal and soothe the skin. Face oils are a great alternative to cleanse and moisturize the skin. I will be trying this out on my face in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned to find out how it turns out.